Wednesday, August 11, 2010

nothing much to say...

but i have gotten into the habit of blogging after i edit at the coffee place. I got to the end point where i just couldn't go on but i still have some coffee left and i don't want to walkk jut yet.

everything i edited was off the top of my head today, and makes the story better. it was one of those clumsy sections that i never really liked, not even after i edited it. when i go through it next time i'll be sure to look it over closely but i think it will be good.

played video games with the boyfriend ALL DAY yesterday. i'm for serious. but it was fun. i like gaming with him. especially when it involves teamwork, which we can be hilariously bad at.

i don't know what to read tomorrow at work. maybe i'll type up the 2 other apocolypse stories so i can edit them. i've had another one of those instances where i read a book that makes me want to read nothing ever again.

omg. i just had a massive heart attack and hyperventalated and my head exploded while i was peeing my pants. i googled the book, looking for a link and found a picture!!

and the picture led to the fact that the book Marjorie Morningstar had been made into a movie with Natalie Wood and Gene Kelley and now i have to stop at blockbuster on my way home from walking so i can watch it while i sew dammit dolls.

watching this movie may be a bad idea, but with actors like Natalie and Gene, even if its not true to the story it will still be a fantastic movie, just like though Jane Eyre wasn't really good with the wimpy whiney Joan Fontaine, i still loved it and I fell in love with Orson Welles because of it. I heart Rochester (Mr. Weenie face).

but watching this movie may also be a good idea because it will get me over my Marjorie hump, either way. then i can get back to The War of the Worlds which has far too many notations on the bottom of what words mean. seriously. i know all of these words.

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