Saturday, August 14, 2010


today i started writing the story i'm not supposed to be thinking about. i really tried so hard, sure i did! this blog wasn't around last year when i had the wonderous idea for the spaceship story and i thought 'yeah i'll save that for nanowrimo'. i tried to save that one too, oh the desperation in my attempt... it started to fester behind its door so i had to write it out as fast as possible.

well this story wasn't exactly festering, but i had been peeking in on it just occasionally when my mind would wander on a call at work and i wouldnt realize that i was being drawn by the chimes. what i saw happening though, was not a full on developed story with a plot or anything, just these two people in this dark room making conversation. it was about the people and the story was not developing to involve the lives they lived outside this room. saving it until nano might have been a good idea, but i think i would prefer to hope another door appears in my mind in the next month or so that has 50 thousand words behind it just ripe for the taking.

i didn't actually get very far because it has been insanely busy at work lately. my bet is the heat. its keeping all the old folks inside so they don't just fall over dead in the streets. in all honesty, i wouldn't much mind. it has been so busy that i have trouble not FREAKING THE FUCK OUT every other call. it is so busy that we are not getting time between calls to chill and to chill is to stay focused at craptel.

for the next 4 weeks i told the boyfriend i would not be coming home early in order to have 2 big checks right before the vegas trip. but i came home early today and he yelled at me and said 'i knew you weren't going to make it'

but i clarified that that starts tomorrow (but did not point out that the last hour of my shift i took off today is technically tomorrow). he bet me i couldnt make it (giving me a period day if i need it) i took the bet. the reward is sexual favors or a home cooked dinner. you can ponder over who gets what amongst yourselves.

i know i'm totally going to win because when he bets me i don't lose. like that time he bet me everything in his wallet i couldn't beat him at bowling. the score sheet is still on the fridge.

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