Monday, August 9, 2010


that damned door in my head!! its like an old todash door, off its hinges and echoing chimes through the entire hallway. it makes me woozy and i have to force myself to concentrate on something else in order to not be sucked in, because the monsters beyond that door will devour me.

in order to keep myself distracted from idle thoughts about the new story snippet mentioned in the last post and supposedly forgotten about, i have been working on the series of short stories that i'm just calling the Apocolypse stories (Though i should go back and make sure i didn't call them something else earlier... note to self...). They will include the coffee maker story that i wrote earlier as a writing prompt. So far i have 3 additional stories that are linked, though not directly. One has been sitting in a state of edited limbo, and i may have even mentioned it before. I'm calling it Artemis cuz that's the main characters name. easy peasy titling there. The two additional stories are written but not typed and both sort of fun. i'm really getting a feeling for this world.

yet i still hear the chimes...

Today at the coffee shop i have edited Artemis and i'm gonna post it on AD since i haven't posted anything there since i finished Shade and Shadow. I cleared the stats for that once chapter 5 hit 150 and the others were in the high 200's. i've been watching them still while they're not new anymore and its funny the way numbers 2, 3, and 5 have so many more views that 1 and 4. i suppose those are the best chapters, though i like 4 better than 5. the foxen is more interesting in that one.

so here's the link to Artemis: now i have to leave the coffee shop cuz i've been here forever. It took nearly a million years to edit that thing. Plus i was distracted by a chat on Facebook... it happens.

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