Thursday, March 6, 2014

Oh, Edonith

I made some pretty harsh statements about this character a few days back. that was cruel of me. i was frustrated.  i apologize, Edonith.  i have had many issues with the character over the years.  one that sticks out the most is the many, many times that I've written the reunion-turned-attempted-abandonment between Anka and Edonith in The Prophet.  his emotions during that scene ranged from nothing to apathy. 

Then, one time, i made him mad.  And that stuck.  and it felt good.  I was finally able to yell at Anka for all the bullshit i'd allowed her to get up to, and i used her lover's voice as a speaker box.

So i had hopes for sad, quiet Edonith.  and being stuck on his childhood story for so long just sort of blew me over the edge.

But yesterday the Gator asked if we could go in her room to play.  She had the tablet, i had a notebook, and in between turns of Pudding Monsters i finally got Edonith's childhood down on paper.

it's mediocre.  and i may have broken the rules in introducing Loki into Edonith's story, where he has a story of his own.  But in doing so, i ended up writing Edonith's story so as to appear the last in the series, which had not been the plan.

but then i thought of something else.  There's this little fragment i was gonna stick at the end of The Guide, the moment of Milah choosing Daniel, to lead up into Daniel's story.  but it seemed out of place.  well, that's not where it's going anymore.  i have added it to the end of the list, after Edonith.  And i have rewritten the order so as to tell the best story.

it's going to work, i hope.  these almost quick-sketch stories of character reveals, i am hoping they will draw readers in.

if i draw them in, though, i will have to follow through with the everything else.

oh geez.  oh geez.

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