Friday, March 7, 2014

Puzzle Pieces

I've been copying and pasting for half an hour.  putting the pieces of Kath's story in the correct order.

Just a moment ago, i erased "Kath's story" and started to rewrite Spencer's story. but who am i kidding?  this is kath's story.

I've gotten input from several places on the gender problems, of the referring to gender for a character such as Kath, in Kath's circumstances.

I laid out an outline, in three main parts (because Spencer spends three days at the Enaj Estate recovering from his time in Kath's word, before returning to his father and his home world), and in each section i must decide how i will refer to kath.

I already know that i never want Aniste to say "he."  She, who is in posession of Kath's secret, will be the only one who never outwardly lies, only lies by omission. 

I have already written one or two moment of confusion and reflection in Spencer's own mind about how he sees Kath after he learns the truth, and after that truth becomes important.  Since it is in first person, from Spence's pov, I can always use the "he" term for Kath, because it works.

But i'm thinking i need to, at some point, write a great deal of the storyline without any gender.  And it's hard to do, but not impossible.  I think the point after Kath comes back to Oaklusa is the point where Spencer will stop referring to Kath as "he," and begin, instead, to leave Kath ungendered even in his own mind.

I'm still planning on, in some way, telling the story in fragments, and non sequentially, but the sequence in which they were written is cumbersome, and it is difficult to find what i'm looking for when i'm looking for it.

So copy and paste.  Shift the puzzle pieces around until you have something that resembles what you're working toward.  And that's why sometimes i prefer lego blocks to puzzle pieces, when i'm making this analogy.  Puzzle implies that there is only one way this picture can turn out.  If i'm playing with legos, i am able to freestyle at any moment, and change the course of events for everyone involved...

also, i gave the Seoul Sister Shade and Shadow to read.  partly because she wants to read it, and partly because i need someone with a grammatical and proofing sort of eye to give it a once over and fix only the things that NEED fixing, which i would not be able to do on scribe (and it would cost me a lot of karma to get all five of those chapters up there.  i'm not in the mood for that).

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