Saturday, August 18, 2012

To be Single and Childless, Day One

it was perfectly ridiculous to find myself so aimless and out of sorts this morning when there was no baby and no husband.  it's not like i see them before i go to work anyway.  we have just changed the daughter's schedule so that it's the same every day, not different the days i don't leave for the real job.

and then, of course, the day took forever.  I've been working on reading Uncle Tom's Cabin and i really like it, but it's moving slow.  yesterday i had an irresistable urge to read Pride and Prejudice.  I decided to just run across to the book store and get a new copy since my old version is a tiny paperback that at one point set out to see what it was like to be two paperbacks.  i could use a shiny new copy.

There's nothing that gives me a bigger book boner than a brand new, shiny trade paperback.  some people want the hardcovers, let 'em have it.  i love my trades.

So today i read P&P and this time around i'm picking up even more.  Mr Bennett cracks me the fuck up. i love that dude. 

I'm looking forward to tomorrow when i will have to go into work for a short time to make up hours, but then i'll be in the coffee shop working on putting The Guide in the correct order.  can't wait.

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