Thursday, August 9, 2012

Desert Letters

I reached one of those classic stopping points in my rewrite of The Prophet.  one of those spots where i'm not really sure how i want to connect this part to the next.  and the thing that i thought about next was finishing the second Eillim and Enna story that i'm calling Letters from the Desert...

It's so much harder to write Enna than Eillim because i am not Enna myself.  Both the stories i feel tend to lean more toward Eillim's view.  but also, she is the more tortured one and she feels like she has to hold things together...

hey, that sounds like me.

Now i'm going to go watch  We Were the Mulvaneys because i happened to catch it on LMN and recorded it (and even within the first few minutes i'm seeing a deep cheese factor).  and i'm going to type up all the stuff i wrote today while i do it.

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