Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Short Stretch of Freedom

Because the husband's grandfather died plus the wedding we were going to this weekend i have taken the entire week off work.  10 days total.  i'm on day 3 and already i feel it's going too fast.

i'm not doing much story work, though i have all this time.  I don't have the vacation from the real job to cover all the hours i'm missing, so i have to make it up with the at home job.  but, as always, i am not angry about this.

I did actually spend some time working on the Pilot the other day.  more like scribbling in margins and whatnot.  i really am still very disappointed by the awfulness of the story.  every time i would open my locker at work and see the binder it's in i would tell it so.  So Disappointed!

ah well.

the title of my last post: Letters From the Desert, i realized later that's probably gonna be the title of the Shade/shadow sequel.  i'm a little worried about it... not only is it coming out of me slowly but the story itself is moving slowly.  with the first one moving so fast i thought i'd want the second one to match.  but they're both older now... much older.  so maybe it's the right thing to go slow.

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