Friday, May 4, 2012

Reading and Writing

I've actually gotten a lot done since my last post.  i have read several books.  another Joyce Carol Oates, the newest Gunslinger related novel, and just today Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen, a new favorite.  books full of magic and non-obnoxious romance.  she has three others (four, including the other one i've already read, Garden Spells) and i need them all.  tomorrow i got back to Jack The Ripper which is interesting and disgusting.

Also, i have done a thorough rerecompileagain of The Guide.  A new outline, a bunch of newish and revised stuff for the beginning section.  it was while i was rewriting the The Prophet that I realized that i needed the beginning of The Guide to be better; needed more information.  as it stood it seemed too much like i was just expecting people to know things.

I took The Medium to work today but it turns out there's really not a lot to do there, which is why i stopped working on it in the first place.  of course, i did stop like mid-sentence.  don't know what that's all about.  way to go, past Sara.  how am i supposed to finish a sentence i started months and months ago?

There's only so much i can do at work.  i need some serious time to sit down and type up what i have (or maybe i should use Dragon.  i wonder if it will work on my new laptop Sullivan better than it did on my old laptop Elenore... i wonder if i know where i put the install disc...) and also to edit things and shuffle the digital of what i've already shuffled in the hard copy.

Who has spare time in a jar?  i've got money, i'll pay for it.

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