Thursday, May 17, 2012

Letters From The Desert

The baby happens to be Asleep when i get home from work today.  so Friends is on the TV (the episodes in and around barbados... i love Paul Rudd) there are a bunch of veggies boiling to be pureed and i have a moment to Talk About Things.

I finished Julie and Julia and that day i went to the bookstore to get something new.  i went specifically for a new Sarah Addison Allen book.  i got The Girl Who Chased the Moon and finished it quickly.  didn't like it as much as the others.  sad face.

But i also happened to find The Devil Wears Prada which i saw and loved as a movie, there's too many awesome actors in it to not love it...  i also got this book that i forget the name of but it's a mystery set in the 1300?  and the cover was awesome?  and also the title?  i don't know, we'll see how i like it.

But i laughed when i noticed that in a close time to one another i was reading two books in which Meryl Streep stared in the movies.  So now i decided to read all her other movie books.  not in a crazy Julie Powell way.  i don't have the energy for being totally crazy right now.  but i'll look them up.  i'll see what she's been in as movies.  maybe i've already read the books.  was she in Bridges of Madison County? was that her. 

I've actually read that one.

on purpose.

and no one told me to.

I have also been inching along in the Shade and Shadow Sequel.  not named yet.  definitely not coming together with the same ease as the original, but it has that sort of same back and forth motion...

and as long as i've been pondering over its iminent arrival i've known i wanted it to be lots of letters from the desert.  from eillim to enna...

it's turning.

and the foxen is back.  and i can't express how that makes me feel.  swoony... swoony's a good word.  i love the foxen the way all mortals women do.

maybe i do have the energy to be "totally crazy" all the time.

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