Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Writing Button

I have decided that my writting button lives in or near my uterus. when it was full of baby it was switched off and i had no urge to write a thing. not even a journal of being all full of baby. that would just been a journal of how crappy i felt and how much i wanted to not be pregnant anymore...

but now i'm all freaking over the place. I started to write the Sequel at work. which is hilarious that it's called the sequel. it's been in my head since i finished the first draft of the monstrocity in 2007! that's right four years ago. there's three stories now between them so sequel is a stupid name for it but i can't call it anythign else or i won't know what the hell i'm talking about.

but the sequel has become the culmination of all the stories. the end, i suppose. all the loose ends are tied up and golly gee, i can't remember what happened in the spaceship story. i knew that i was headed toward writing this in the last couple weeks and that's the reason i wanted to reread the connector... to get reaquainted with some of those loose ends and the overall story i'm trying to tell.

but now i recall that i have some stuff in the spaceship story as well. so i have to find and read that. most of that is typed up (i freaking need to buy Dragon for myself, now that i'm seeing how many things i havent finished typing and how little time i have to do so!!) but i can't find the printout anywhere.

and i know i have a print out. i have to. i'm pretty sure its in a maroon binder because i remember having the disucssion with myself about how i already had a maroon binder that had nothing on the cover, but no, it's alright because the other one is a skinny binder and i'll totally be able to tell the difference just by the size. i remember that conversation!

but i can't find it.

why is it i can never find anything?

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