Saturday, December 10, 2011


Do you know how awesome Scrivner is? I bought it after thinking about it for one day and knowing that if i bought it that day i could get the discounted rate as a preorder. it was a whim, but i'd been working so much and had so much money that actually shelling out 36 dollars on a whim didn't hurt me in the least. two jobs does rock sometimes.

but i haven't really had a chance to use it and the first time i opened it up and started typing in my nano story i wasn't impressed.

but then yesterday! i opened it up pulled up the corkboard screen and i started putting up index cards witi character names. all the characters. even if they're only mentioned once or twice. i've always wanted to be able to do this because i never remember character names and sometimes i think i reuse them or create something that's too close to something else./

And then i was looking at it and i seperated all those index cards into seperate folders for the story specific characters. and hten i was looking at the index cards and i started making piles of related characters.

So now i have these folders, full of neat little piles of index cards and more folders that are full of even more piles of index cards and the thing is i don't have to have any index cards. or folders. or neat piles. cuz the lord knows there ain't none of them 'round these parts. neat piles. that's a joke, right?

Today i took the connector (nano 2009) to work today and started to edit what i have printed out of it. I'd like to print the rest but i'd have to type it first. man i hate typing my stories. anyway, i got to look at the connector and revisit Sol and Jo and i'm excited to get deep into it and ad the characters in Scrivner and seperate the chapters for easier movement of story pieces and pile it all in neat little folders with index cards. i call it the Ankaverse.

and i'd write more, but the baby's calling.

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