Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas

you know what i got myself for christmas? dragon 10 and a usb memory stick. the memory is going to be for my pictures, of which i have a lot. I may later buy a second one to keep my stories on but i just wanted the one for now. i wonder if my compter will run any faster when not bogged down by all those damn pictures. and music. maybe i'll clean out my music too.

I've been working on the sequel at work but i feel like it's slow moving. I still can't find the binder or the final notebook for the spaceship story and i'm starting to wonder about it's existance in reality. maybe i just made it all up. it's in none of the places where things are or used to be. rar.

But one thing i did find as i read the first two notebooks of the spaceship story. it's something i realize time to time when going through old stuff i've written. I am a good writer. i don't always believe it but when i'm reading a story of my own getting engrossed and laughing and being surprised i know that what i'm writing is at least interesting.

can't wait to get my dragon program and get all the other stories spoken into the computer.

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