Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011: Day One

Wee Nanowrimo!!

i think i like my new job schedule for nanowrimo reasons. I no longer have to enter my day's numbers on the following day's stats because i get home before midnight. plus it's a slow call volume in the beginning of my shift so i was able to slam out 2224 words before my lunch.

I have to count the words by hand this year because i have no time to type it up when i get home and when i did that and saw that i was about 30 words short of my daily goal (2272. the site's suggested goal is 1667, but since i only will be writing 22 days out of the month i have a goal of my own) i wrote one last page and ended up with 2424 in the end.

And then i spent the last two hours of my shift reading Little Women. i never used to read when i worked the late shift. there just wasn't time.

if it's gonna be this easy this year i'll be so excited.

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