Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011: Day 16

I have fallen tragically behind. so much so that today when i entered my word count (2416) i didn't even manage to reach the line which i have never actually fallen below, only just met up with on my weekends off.

well, i took a sick day yesterday and stayed home with the baby and the second job and that video game i got for my birthday that i never get to play so i didn't write anything. i'm now an extra 2200 words behind and that means i have to make it up every day from here on out.

can i do it? sure, cuz i haven't yet run out of story. there's still a ton of good stuff waiting to happen.

also, i decided i might kill gracie today. which is sad. but i don't want to have him decide between gracie and sydney, and i might just kill the new one off so he goes back to the old one. cuz syd's just so sad!!

but who knows. we still have some time left to find things out.

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