Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011: Day 10

Oh, its only the second week and it's getting harder. maybe it just seems to be national talk on the phone if you're deaf week and i've been really busy at work so it takes longer to write my 2200 words and i go bat shit crazy trying to hold onto a sentence through 20 some minutes of craptacular babbling.

But actually, on tuesday i wrote the most in one day that i had so far. 2449 words. then yesterday i was so freaking exhausted because of baby related things and i didn't even write anything when i was at work. i had to do it at the laundromat and then i only managed to do 1830 words. which is still more than the nano suggested daily word count, but still not enough for me.

and then today i beat tuesdays record with 2489. yeah, it's only 40 extra words but hey, a record's a record, right?

the story is getting good too. vincent is getting head aches and nose bleeds and tomorrow will be confronted by a disheveled and worried Charleston who demands that he finishes the books or gives them back...

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