Monday, January 24, 2011

two months

i've had just a little less than two months off from writing and blogging. did it feel good? yes it did. did i miss it? a little... not much...

christmas was enough to think about in december, and a baby was enough to think about in january. another little hinderance will be added to my life of writing and crafting, but a cute little hinderance it will be. its already got a nickname after all, we're pretty attached.

But I can feel the writing coming back, peeping back. the vines and grasses and flowers are starting to sneak out under the doorways into the hallway of my mind. what do i want to work on? i don't know. I know i want a break from the Prequel, i just have to have it. I almost want to work on the Monstroscity, but that seems too close to the prequel. i really am writing those two at the same time...

so the connector? I would happily take it to work with me and edit the first draft that i have not looked at since i wrote it - nano of 2009! but a great deal of story has molded and reshaped around the truth of the tale so there would be a lot to do and i would find myself engrossed and be able to refresh myself to returning to the prequel monstroscity debacle.

and the fourth option... do i write the next one. the next to last one. I sort of like how i have written them all at once because i am able to mold one storyline into another and change things from one place to another if necessary. and since i cant seem to finish ANYTHING it is quite necessary.

to write or edit, that's the question...

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