Sunday, October 3, 2010

Screw Waiting.

I was going to wait until tuesday to write this blog post cuz i could do it before i get onto doing my edity stuff when i'm at the coffee shop.

but i'm impatient and excited and i have a whole day of work and a hang out session with Auntie before tuesday. Nothing on tv except Back to the Future 3 and the boyfriend will be up in 45 minutes to steal the tv anyhow. football sunday. hooray.

I haven't written in a long time but it's not my fault. well, it is my fault but what with the getting ready to go to vegas, the going to vegas, and the getting over being in vegas, i lost 3 weeks somehow. but i feel i've been compensating, continuing to work. Scribophile for editing other peoples and definitely working on the Third bed (which is turning into a huge can of worms... at least the beginning is).

I also wrote that 600 word contest story that i mentioned. you can find that here: Thank you to the Auntie who helped me tweek it.

Now, down to the exciting news!!

yesterday i was watching a movie - a screening for the birthday gift for one of my brothers. This movie was Ink. From the very beginning i was very into it. it's weird, both storywise and visually. A little bit slow paced but entrancing none the less. It was my favorite type of story. Where someone from this world is thrown into a different version of the world, where everything is familiar, but off kilter.

Stories like Alice and Wizard of Oz and Mirror Mask. A bit if Dr. Parnassus, and some Pan's Labrynth and even a little Peter Pan. So i was watching this movie that i will likely watch a thousand more times and i realized 'Why don't I write one of these stories, since i like them so much!?'

and my Nanowrimo 2010 Door was born. The decision to write this sort of story excites me not just cuz i get to write it but i will also be doing some 'research' - hunting down more stories just like those and watching the movies, reading the books. tough research.

I didn't come up with much yet though i knitted at work and thought all day about it. But i did find a name. I gave it to my Troubled/Troublesome boy in an offhand way because it had been floating around my brain since being tried on and put aside by the dude from the 3rd bed. It seemed to fit for the moment and i knew i could change it later if i had to.

and then i decided to just ask him what his name was. He shouted it at me, like i was his bad guy: "Maddox Arthur McKing"

And i loved the name, and i loved him and beyond what i've just told you, i know nothing about the story. I started a 2 page outline in my list book to put ideas on. I love it. so much i took a picture of it. the picture i accidentally named 'ggook' instead of 'book' cuz i typed one handed while i was rubbing my eye.

i can't wait to fill it up

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  1. i love all of this, and that you blogged early, every bit of it, except the part where auntie had to race back to her village and missed our visit!