Monday, September 13, 2010

6 days!!

maybe i should quit writing for a while...

i come to the coffee shop and can barely edit a page, though i think i should actually take the draft to work again and reedit it because i haven't enacted anything that i've written down. i'm basically just rewriting. its getting better, yes, but its tedious as well.

saw this quote on scribophile:

I'm not a very good writer, but I'm an excellent rewriter. ~James Michener

made me smile. i totally get it.

but even at work i have a hard time writing. It took me days to write the last apocolypse story and it's only like 8 pages long. the new one, about the windmills coming out of the fog - well, i drew a map of what the windmill farm looks like.

maybe i'm worn out. maybe i need a break. vegas trip will be a break, except my grandma told me about this writing contest for a short story. 600 words. not too big. it's due the day after i get back so i could totally do it while i'm there. how cool would that be to write a story with a bein'-in-vegas-flair??

again i wish there was a button on my belly that i could push and it would all just spill out of the printer (i wish i had) in my head. easy peasy...

i think my slump stems from The Third Bed. I wrote it and i liked it so much. its like when i read the Robin Hobb series, or Marjorie Morningstar and i didn't want to read anything ever again. i'll get over it. i always do.

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