Monday, October 4, 2010


Mr. Red headed english teacher sent me a text yesterday and asked me how my novel was. my answer was Guh, and i'm saying it today again GUH!!

ive been here at the coffee shop for like an hour and i just feel like i've been feeling. like i want to throw it all out and start over again. of course that's the most terrifying thought EVER EVER!!! i don't want to start over, because it is editing that is the worst part and i'll still have to edit if i write it all over again.

i just tore chapter eight up. not literally. i went through and deleted the SHIT and wrote comments to myself in the computer copy. i dont know why i did it that way, since i normally do all my rewrites by hand. i should have done it on my paper copy. guh.

and another farkin' GUH!! i had my whole post written but the internet at the coffee shop was acting up and wouldnt let me post but i didn't realize it wasn't saving either!!!

what was in the rest of the post?? oh! Dax. My auntie's newest character Janet inspired much of his backstory which i now know. Dax's mother's sister adopted him as a 2 year old while his real mommy went out to do her own style of crazy. When Dax is 4 Gina, who dax calls Chichi, got married and the longtime boyfriend who'd known Dax since he was a newborn and he too legally adopts Dax. His name is then changed to McKing - which explains why i didnt like the name at first, its not his real one. i wonder if the real one will come up. i wonder if it will be important...

when Chichi and her husband (Chad? Thad? Brad? - something close to dad...) have their daughter Dax is 5. the story itself takes place when they are 9 and 4. Dax knows his mom is his mom but doesn't give very much thought to how his relationships with his family are different than the other kids he knows.

i think his sister gets kidnapped. maybe falls down a well. (i'm thinking mother hulda from Grimm's). i'm trying to stay clear of any story line beyond that cuz that would be getting into cheating on november, i feel. i think as long as i have ideas enough to build a story out of a first chapter then i'm not going to far in the prep phase.

also i decided this story will be 50 thousand words. not i continue the 70 to 80 thousand word story after i finish the contest. i have been working a lot with short stories lately so hopefully i'll be better able to restrain myself.

alright. that's all. i missed my auntie mommy but i'll see her next weekend and i'll have a couple cupcakes and cookies for her and her girls. i just spent a crazy amount on fixins for halloween num nums. oh well. it'll be totally worth it.

i have to pee now.

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