Monday, September 6, 2010

happy Labor Day!!

it has been some time since i posted. why? cuz i havent been writing much. or maybe i have and just not felt like blogging about it.

i have been working on adding events to the apocolypse stories. i have 5 now, though only 2 are finished.

i finished up The Third Bed and stalked Authors Den watching the stats for 3 weeks as it rose and fell to and from the popular romance stories. I am still depressed that i wrote it because i want to write it again.

i really want to write more about Him, of the story, because i know so much about him that isn't even hinted at in the that little glimpse of his life. but i dont think there is any reason to do it so i am leaving it alone.

i joined and just finished my first critique. once i earn enough karma i can post my own stuff to be critqued. wahoo.

i have to go for a walk now. and then to the laundromat and finally home to finish those damned Running Blind dammit dolls that i was already paid for and i want to just finish already... especially before i go the Vegas. i don't want them waiting around my house for me to get home. i need to be rid of that project so i dont feel so bad about not working on them and doing something else instead.

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