Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Movie with the Boyfriend

we got Shutter Island from netflix a while back and it has take us many days to find time to watch it together. we get 2 discs at once and a lot of times its one for me and one for him and we don't even really need to watch them together. but we did get to it, after i made pasta salad. we didn't watch it too late so that i got tired, but we did wait until after dark so we could turn the lights down and be stunned by our big (though he wishes it was bigger) widescreen tv.

so we watched it. and i liked it. i heart Leo and Ben Kingsley is one of my new favorite actors. when we got to the end the boyfriend said 'that's kind of what i figured was going on' and i realized that I had watched the entire movie without a single hunch about what was coming next. I feel that sometimes i dont need to read anymore books or watch any more tv just because i know how to build stories.

it was sort of nice to just watch the whole movie with my brain turned off. get to the end of it and be mildly surprised and pleased with the effect. woot.

now i'm going to go start to sort through to store my writing. the only way i can rationalize doing this before cleaning my craft room is that doing so will free up a shelf in the closet.

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