Monday, July 12, 2010

The End of Shade and Shadow

I posted the last part of shade and shadow this morning before my two lady friends came to town to take me to my late birthday lunch. Knowing I wouldn't have time to go to the coffee shop today to do the final edit I did the bulk of it a few days ago, though in the shower before I posted I came up with one little thing that I felt needed to be changed - so I ended up going through the whole chapter again just to be sure everything was the way it needed to be.

And then I went to Author's Den and started loading everything into the posting format and I started to get the worst butterflies. It was crazy my gut was just full of nervous flutters. I didn't feel anything like that when I posted the first parts but this is the END. The end is the last part. The end is never the most important part, but it is the last thing you remember. and since this was such a short story and I've been getting good hits on it on the site i certianly didn't want to disappoint.

I didn't want to write a Stephen King ending. (btw, I LOVE the obnoxious King endings - not bashing a thing here!)

What I hope most is that my method, my format is not as visible to readers as it is to me. But that is the same as anything you make yourself and put out into the world. The only thing you see are the bad points because you are so familiar with damned inch of it. But it was my first attempt to write a story to fit a format and I simply do not want the ending to be anti-climatic or just plain stupid.

I don't believe it will be an obvious outcome, but also not unexpected because i do love a good paradox. Good does not win out over evil in the end, no one really wins anything. No one really wins anything ever. the circle just keeps turning...

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