Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm behind

totally behind. instead of getting up at 10ish like i planned and getting stuff done quick before heading out to the coffee shop to edit, i slept until 11:15. i got those magnets listed on etsy and sold and shipped and ended up here at the coffee place at nearly 1, which is when i usually leave. its just after 2 now and i'm headed out shortly.

i worked on chapter 5. i decided, being behind and sort of cranky, to only do the first three pages of chapter 5. They were also covered in corrections to the point that i felt a bit overwhelmed. but then when i got to the end of those three pages i was like 'eh, i can finish them'

so i did. rock on. chapter 6 is either wednesday or next monday depending on how my week off goes. we shall see.

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