Monday, May 10, 2010

Long Weekend

got back yesterday from two days in minnesota with the Boyfriend's family. One of his brothers has graduated from college. Wahoo. I now have three more days before i go back to work and I'm pretty excited.

I spent the morning at the coffee place working on editing the Prequel. Things are moving along pretty well and I'm happy. I'm beginning to worry again that this attempt to go back in time and then catch up is not exactly what i want because of the length of pages i have between the two. but i have learned that, while editing, length is a difficult thing to gauge. When you spend an hour and a half working through 3-6 pages of writing those pages seem like they're longer. I'm just going to go ahead with what I have planned and continuously remind myself that i can copy and paste and move things as needed on the Third trip through the story after the next stewing period. Wow. that was a really long sentence.

in other news, there was a flier up on the bulletin board at work for submissions of fiction to a newsletter or something and i think i will be submitting the Coffee Companion story that I did as a writing propmt. I ran a comb through that one yesterday when we got home and patched up quite a bit of confusingness. I went through one more time this morning and I think that it's good to go. I must also remember to update the Authors Den version with the modifications so it doesnt suck so bad :P

off to make wind chimes now.

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