Monday, May 3, 2010

Actually Feel Productive

because there's a difference in saying you're going to be and knowing you are going to be. i always have a week or two where i promise it before all of a sudden i'm slamming shit out all crazy style. my productivity tends to last quite some time too. I'm sure that i could spread it out evenly so I'm sort of productive at all times, instead of this rollercoaster ride of intermittent laziness. But if I'm not going to ride the rollercoaster, what the hell is the point of being bipolar??

so i've been at the coffee place now for more than an hour working on the infamous Chapter Tew . I got through three pages of corrections. that may sound like not a lot, but its quite a lot. One of the things i love the most when i'm writing is to look at a full page of corrections after i've made them. i love the possiblity of it all.

but do you know what my least favorite thing about writing is? i think you know. it's looking at that page of corrections, so thick you can barely even read what you wrote. There are times when it is simply easier to retype the entire paragraph as i read it off the page, then delete the old one because there are so many cross outs and addition carrots and long long lines of words running down my super thin margins.

I will probably work on the story a little more this afternoon there are some sections of writing i did to add into Tew that can be typed up. i also have some wind chimes to plan out and some to make. i want to get some stuff listed on etsy so i'm going to take pictures for tomorrow. I am now going to take another look at another writer's chapter. i got a message on AD wondering if i'd go through his chapter and look for inconsistancies, those little thigns you don't see yourself and spell check doesn't have a problem with.

i already went through once, but i just want one more look before i send it back to him.

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