Thursday, June 20, 2013

In the Morning, With the Sun Coming Up

I have 14 minutes before I have to start getting ready for work.  Work at the hated out-of-home job where I WONT BE MUCH LONGER!!! my application for individual health insurance got approved.  it's expensive, but actually not as much, for the three of us, as i'm paying already through work for just the daughter and I.  So.

I just wanted to pop in to say some things, because I've been wanting to.  But we've been so busy moving to the new house, and changing things in the new house that there's been little time for blogging about writing.  and there's been little time for writing.  little, but not none.

I just went and checked in the last few posts I've made and holy cow! off topic much!?  but that's okay. because everything that is writing is on topic.

I must have mentioned it, because I remember typing the words "I'm naming them in the same way as the big stories"  The little stories.  the pre-stories.  the "It begins for all of them when they're children" stories.

Most of those are done.  I have dropped one from my list of stories to-do, deciding it didn't really fit with what I was doing.  I have yet to finish Edonith's story, The Healer; i'm not yet sure what is going to happen there.  I've gotten as far as describing his home world, which I've never done before, and begun a bit about his mother, but then I got stuck.

I'm also stuck with Carrie and Daniel, The Dreamers, though I know exactly what I want to happen.  I just haven't found the doorway into it yet.  i'm not worried.

Late in the writing-of-children-stories game I decided I wanted something from Milah's point of view.  surprisingly it didn't end up so.  She's in it, sure, but it's from Boss' point of view.  The Seer looks at Milah by the person who knew her best before all the crazy shit happened that my stories revolve around, though he's reflecting after the crazy shit, but in a time before all the children come together to save the day.

I look back further into my blog posts and no, I don't see it.  I don't see any mention of what i'm doing right now.  Shoot.  where do I think I wrote that down?

Anyhow.  what i'm doing.  I'm writing these short little stories.  flash fiction, I suppose they could be called.  They're focused on my main characters as youngsters.  Daniel and Carrie, The Dreamers.  Anka and Prin, The Orphans.  Nesris and Nasinair (perhaps my favorite one, and the first one I finished) The Royals.  Loki and his brothers, The Pack.  Edonith and... his mother?, The Healer.  And finally Milah and Yemar and Boss, The Seer.

it introduces them all as kids, before they meet.  it solidifies their personalities and the relationships that were the formation of who they are later.  The stories I want to use as sort of teasers not only to get people interested in the bigger overall epic, but also as something to keep me motivated while i'm outside of the stories myself, working on other  real-life (and therefore less important) stuff.  I want to post them on Author's Den.  but also, I want to not post them on Author's Den.  I want somewhere new, where I don't have a whole batch of old stuff... stuff from high school even, lingering around.  I don't know.

and I also want to eventually compile them into one batch and Smash them.  But I have so much to Smash!!

A few weeks ago the husband bought "me" a tablet for "my birthday" which isn't even for another 8 days.  he just wanted a tablet.  I use it the least of the three of us.  But I did use it to completely revise and input edits into Letters from the Desert.  And it was amazing.  it's a little small, wish he would've gotten a bigger sized screen; my fingers are so big I mistype sometimes.  but it was such quick and uncumbersome work to fill in revisions instead of having the laptop and my notebook.  Really.  Wonderful.

I'm out of time, but it seems like there's a lot to say.

Hopefully all this work-from-home full-time thing works out.  because still, some of my time will be devoted to writing.  I hope.  I hope.

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