Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sorta Stressed

oh man. i can't find it. i don't know how to introduce sol and jo before their introduction.

i know i'm pushing to hard. i know i just need to dream on it. it'll come to me. one morning i'll wake up and i'll know. like the morning i knew the names Kalen and Dartia for the Spaceship story. Or the tree situation for the Monstroscity. or how Svanir's name in Shade and Shadow came to me as if it were fated to always be that name. as if i wasn't writing the story at all, only transcribing it from the whispers of some unseen muse. it isn't my story at all, i just have to wait on it to come.

but i don't wanna. i'm impatient.

maybe i should work on something else for a while.

in other news i just finished my reread of The Host by Stephenie Meyer. Where i hate the Twilight catastrophe, i do love this story. cuz it's about aliens. and it's got some interesting viewpoints. and there's no creepy abusive vampires. there's a few whiney piney girlie parts but not so overwhelming as Bella. and there's only a couple exchanges of "I need to protect you" "no, i need to protect you" "No, I need to protect you!" no one needs to protect anyone, just get on with the story already.

but no. it's a good book. which is why i read it again.

what to read now?

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