Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Question of the Day

How hard would it be to rewrite everything in present tense, rather than past?

It's something I started to ponder, not for the first time, today at work. I was writing between calls, not exactly new material just revisions that are too large to fit between lines on the already printed out pages. Then on breaks i was reading; Because It Is Bitter; and Because It Is My Heart which is written in present tense.

Coming back to my own work from something i'm reading often had this affect on me. i write in that tense, almost even in that style.

But as i was writing, seeing that i was doing it wrong and trying to get it back into my natural past-tense state i saw that i liked it better in present.

but there's so much to do. hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of words. Third Bed and Shade and Shadow would be left alone but the five, the prequel through the sequel, would they be improved in a different tense?

i did one page of revisions in the connector, bringing it into the present. the page where Jo thinks she's finally got everything under control. it seems so much more urgent, like she was, so much more excited, like she was. maybe this is a good idea, but where will i find the time?

that's another question of the day.

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