Monday, June 14, 2010

Since my last post...

here is a list of things i've gotten done since my last posting:

1. ate a lot of bacon

2. played a lot of Dragon Age instead of writing, crafting or walking.

3. I took Shade and Shadow to work and did a final edit on it. It didn't take very long at all, and I was also able to edit the short story I had written the day before

4. I wrote a short story, as i just mentioned. It is linked up with the Coffee Companion story. I have decided to write a collection of stories from different points of view on the world where this unknown disease has created zombie like creatures. It ends with the famous (at least in my head) line 'my name is spencer mccaffrey, i'm here to help' which is one of those things that pop into my head and a whole freaking story is created out of it

5. I brought Shade and Shadow to the coffee shop and put the edits in and posted the first chapter on Authors Den!!! I am going to post the rest of the 5 chapters over the next 4 mondays and I really do want everyone in the world to read it. so read it:

i don't know if there is anything else worth mentioning. i have to go home now and i am supposed to make clown pants, but i think instead i'm going to watch a girlie movie and make a windchime because i just dont feel like sewing... there is a craft fair coming and i'm nervous excited and wish there were about 6 more hours in the day so i could craft more and write more, because the writing has been lacking latey. sad.

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