Friday, June 25, 2010

8 days

in 3 days i will be 26. in 5 more i will be sitting at a craft fair hopefully selling everything i have made and brought with me. I will eat a whole bag of pretzels and probably drink my body weight in diet coke and have a full day of girlie fun with my two favorite girls in the world.

I finally got my first comment on Shade and Shadow on Author's Den. I have been watching the stats closely to see how many hits it gets every day but I can never be sure if people are reading - or just clicking through. I click through, but not before attempting to read what I'm looking at. There are a lot of people on Authors Den who don't give a shit about formatting or editing. If you give me a block of text or too many passive verbs in the first paragraph I move on.

but a comment means it was read. And she said she was excited for the next one. The next one was meant to be posted on this coming monday which is my birthday day and i will be headed back home to hang out with mi familia. so i went to the coffee shop today to edit chapter 3 so i can post it first thing in the morning monday before i head home.

back to the stats - because i had more to say on that subject... chapter one of the story was the most popular in the fantasy catagory for a while, and that totally rocked. I think it must update weekly, or maybe bi-weekly, but as of yesterday chapter 2 was the number one and chapter 1 was number 5. I noticed that after chapter two was posted the stats on 1 started to go up even faster. Chapter 1 has been up longer so it has more hits, but chapter 2 is slowly creeping up behind it in hit totals.

i wish i would have been making a graph, cuz that would have been cool to look at. but i hardly have time to shower and breathe with all the crafting and craft fair preperation i've been working on. I haven't done much writing at all, though my mind is always working through kinks in one story or another. I am regretting that weekend 3 weeks ago where i spent most of the time playing video games. I'm such a fucking slacker sometimes!!

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