Monday, December 28, 2015


I've got my sights set firmly in the guide now. Nano was a complete failure of its intended purpose, obviously, but it did get me back in there and working.  And last night i did it. I think i closed the last hole. it started with a death that i've always wondered whether i needed... i always knew i would take that death back in an instant if it really didn't serve any purpose as i had been thinking all along.

And then came the last (i think it is the last... i've said it before) Why hole. The swirly mess of madness and questions i can feel myself judging my character's actions on. Why did she do that? Why was that decision made. why why why?

I reconciled both of those parts with one another. Sadly character one has to stay dead, but if i can ever finish this, it means that he'll get to live at all...

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