Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas Vacation

And quite a vacation it was.  I didn't work for six days... then worked sporadically throughout the rest of my pay period, ending up short money-wise, but finding an awesome money saving deal that will at least save us for this month.  Already work has picked up now that the new year has set in, and hopefully I can make up some of what I lost last month in this short period.

I'm not sure that I really did enough Other Stuff to justify all those days off.  But probably, I did.  Some writing.  Some critiquing and being critiqued on Scribophile.  I just uploaded a second, fleshed out, named version of the Kath reunion with Spencer story.  I'm really enjoying the critiques I'm getting back.  Helpful.  Useful.  Not annoying.

This morning I did some rearranging, adding folders and sorting stories into correct places on my USB drive.  I need to get the five When They Were Children stories worked out, and I'd love to post them as a serial, maybe once a week... one every two weeks.

This morning I went through The Royals, Nas and Risi, and tried to mend what I broke the last  time I went into it.  I think I can find a way out, and I like the attitude of Nesris better now, but I hate that I made such a mess of it.

I also did a first revision of The Seer, Boss and Milah and Yemar.  That was fun, and enlightening.  I'm using some of the things one critiquer said of the reunion story... because these are all teasers, referring to things the reader doesn't know.  I have to keep the balance between intrigue and oblivion.

This, of course, means I have to still finish Edonith's story, as well as the Carrie-Jo/Daniel one...

I'm not sure what to do with them, but maybe I should sit down and reread them.  Maybe it'll give me an idea, just to go back in.

I waver between worrying about all of this-this is my 30th year, and my 6th year working on what has turned into The Verse in earnest.  We should hope that I have plenty of time left to work on it, but I would not enjoy dying knowing that it is incomplete and unfinished.  So I worry, and fret.  And other times I am sure in my ability to finish in no time at all....

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