Friday, July 13, 2012

I should be working

but everything seems to be against me a little bit.  the audio sucks, the program's not working, i'm cranky, i don't care.

the baby climbed up on one of the tables today.  that made me laugh.

today i made a plan... how i want to go about converting my crazy, crazy binder back into sensible digital form.

Color coding with the new post-it flags i got.  i used up my last package of these and when i went to get more they were on CLEARANCE. so i bought two packs.  blue is revisions, green is write new, yellow is transitions and pink is new stuff that's written and typed already... probably stored on Scrivener.

This is my outline. i sometimes feel like crying when i look at it.  and that's only the front half of it...

There's all kinds of these kajabers... pages torn apart and put together in a new order.  color coded highlighting that i hardly know the meaning of... arrows... so many arrows.
Also, this picture is upside down.

I think this is a true compulsive personality tick.  every post-it i have ever written in regards to this story (since it's been in this binder... which is years, but not all of them) is stuck to the back cover once i've done the thing the post-it told me to do.

Well, that was fun.  the color coding was fun today and it'll be helpful for the almightly plan.  the plan to use the multiple-sections-combined-into-one-document function.  now it's all in the order it's supposed to be in and all i have to do is chop up the digital copy and put it back in the right order.  transitioning and polishing as i go.

and when will i have time for that?  oh, on the week i was supposed to go on vacation that i've been looking forward to for like a year.  stupid real job.  stupid pto and full-time and hours requirement bullshit.  no vacay for me.

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