Saturday, January 21, 2012

Finished Something Kinda

Today i wrote the last five empty pages in the first notebook of the sequel. I think i wrote the first ten pages about a year or more ago. As always, i enjoy the way the size and shape of the notebooks i write in defines the story itself. Turning points always come right around the yellow divider pages and the close of a notebook is always the close of one moment and the moving on to the next.

I love where it's going and i can't believe how many bits and pieces i created long ago and have been able to hold onto. And i'm learning things about the past too. That's good. it'll help me when i go back. i really think that finishing all of them before going back to the beginning and starting again will help. or i could be kidding myself. This will likely be a huge pile of nonsense in one corner of my hoarded home when i die and the cats eat me...


  1. It's so cool that you let the design of the book help you write the it conscious? Love do you have so much energy to create, after creating and caring for a human??

    Brian N

  2. i write in 3 subject notebooks and i use the dividers both to write notes and charts and maps about and in the story and also to break up the rambling and get to a turning point.

    i know about how many words i can do per page and i have standard long chapter and short chapter lengths and i like the way it flows better than writing on the endless white of a computer screen.

    also, i write furiously at work between calls, the only free time i get from baby!