Monday, May 16, 2011


today we're going to office max to get a new ink cartridge for the printer!! I am excited for this because i really want to print Third Bed and get to work on it but the printer is EMPTY! like printing the rebate thing for office max came out all light gray and barely readable...

I've been thinking about it and i'm really excited to work on it a little bit. i even have a page of notes and a post it filled with things i want to do with it. It mostly concerns with the begining in the lounge, probably because that is the place where everyone on Scribeophile told me it was pointless.

only they're dialog readers and they didn't realize the lounge is important because it is part of the construction of the story. if you take it out the whole mirror image effect to the first and second parts of the story totally dies.

but, i can make this part more interesting. I have all sorts of tips for myself.

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